Factors That determine Garage Door Opener Install Cost

garage-door-openerIt is very common for homeowners to give their garage door openers a deeper thought when something wrong happens. You don’t have to wait for this time to replace a faulty door opener. Instead, you should be performing regular checks to ensure the opener is working properly. The process of choosing and installing a new garage opener can be quite stressful, especially if it is your first time. The following is a close look at factors that determine the garage door opener install cost in Oklahoma City.


Type of opener

There are four major types of door openers that you can choose to install in your home. These are computer-controlled drive, chain, crew and belt drive. The openers have different features as outlined below;

Computer-controlled drive: It is the most expensive opener to buy and install. It is automatic and doesn’t use screws or chains. Its body is placed above the door which makes it ideal for use in garages with limited headroom as it leaves more ceiling space for storage.

Chain-drive: It uses a metal-chain that lifts and lowers the door along the tracks to open and close. They are the least expensive and the most common, although they occasionally make noise.

Belt-drive: It is moderately expensive. The belt offers the quietest operation and produces the lowest vibration. It is strong and can lift even the heaviest garage doors.

Screw-drive: It has powerful units with few moving parts that make its operation fairly quiet. It requires the lowest upkeep cost and uses a lift-mechanism that moves along a strong threaded rod.


Number of opener 

The number of openers being installed affects the overall cost of the project. You may find that you need two garage door openers if you have a two-car garage with double doors. At times, the cost per opener may be lower when installing more than one opener. This is common with contractors who offer installation discount on additional openers.


Horsepower and lighting

Average-sized garage openers have a half horsepower motor, while larger ones have upgraded motors of to 1 horsepower. The cost of the door increases with increase in the power of the motor. On the other hand, including lighting on your garage door may make the installation more expensive. Nevertheless, the extra cost is worth because the garage door may be the only source of light in the garage. The contractor can install a timer and set it to automatically turn the light on or off depending on the user and condition of the opener.


Nature of contract

Most contracts cover the installation of opener, keypads and sensors only. However, there other advanced contracts that cover the initial installation and additional services such as repairs, replacement and troubleshooting for a specified period of time. The latter is more expensive, but it is preferred by many homeowners because garage openers are likely to develop problems from time to time.


It is clear that there are very many factors that determine the cost of garage door installation. It is always good for any homeowner to keep these factors in mind when planning to install a garage opener. This will help you choose a quality garage opener without necessarily breaking your bank.

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